Management Profile

Mr. Sampatraj Jain

He is a Commerce graduate and has more than 40 years of experience in Agro-products industry. He began his career with an agro-product trading company in Rajasthan which involved trading in Grams (chana), Mustard and Mustard oil. His dedication towards his work helped him gain vast exposure in the agro products industry. Consequently along with his brother, Mr. Ummedmal Jain he started an Agro broking firm. With his acumen and expertise, Mr. Sampatraj Jain operated the firm successfully for many years. Later on he started a manufacturing Company called Ambika Dall and Oil Mill which produced gram dall. Currently he looks after Marudhar Foods Pvt. Ltd. which produces gram dall and gram flour. Mentoring all the activities at group level is his forte. He has enormous exposure of Rajasthan and Ahemdabad markets. He is an MD of a listed firm and has vast experience of a solvent extraction plant. His acumen has enabled him to win a highest export award for dried oil cake

Mr. Suniilkumar Jain

Commerce graduate, with hands on experience of more than 10 years in manufacturing of Gram dall and Gram flour. Mr. Suniilkumar Jain is currently looking after the management of Marudhar Foods Pvt Ltd, Klassic Pulses Pvt. Ltd. With his superior management and execution skills, he has helped the companies grow strength to strength. From a graduate to manager this road he has travelled. He is a source of inspiration for young generations. He is a strategic planner and long term thinker.